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Thank you for this opportunity to be a collaborative creative partner with your institution. Below you will find our initial proposal to structure an agreement with Bastyr University to evolve your brand system and develop authentic and consistent brand guidelines and collateral materials. We propose a retainer relationship with a weekly hourly commitments as this will ensure seamless communication, allow us to work together to achieve our goals and complete our deliverables as needed.


Brand Identity



In an increasingly digital world, your brand identity is the visual cornerstone of your brand. There are plenty of folks out there who can make something look good, but looking good is not enough. We take special care to build you something that is strategically sound (while still looking good, of course) to ensure your brand continues to resonate with your audience even after trends change. We strive for timeless appeal. And we get there by taking the time to get to know you and your institution before anyone talks about colors or fonts. First, we help you define your story, then we help you build it around it.

In this case, your institution would commit to an initial two weeks of a retainer and then could continue that relationship for as long as desired and needed. This arrangement would allow us to work comprehensively on a variety of projects and deliverables as needed and give us some flexibility to adjust scope without having to continually refine our agreement. Working essentially as an embed within your team, we would be refining, streamlining and building upon the brand guidelines as to ensure consistency as we develop deliverables. An outline of some of the requested projects is listed in the sidebar.

Retainer: $2400/week :: (12 hrs of work/week)
minimum 2 weeks although more weeks can be added as needed


The new brand and website have directly led to a solid increase in leads, trials and new accounts. Since re-launching our brand and website about 6 months ago our revenue has more than doubled. We routinely get great feedback from our prospects and customers on our website which they find intuitive and easy to use.

Jeb Banner

We were looking for a firm that shared our goal of becoming the right partner to create a bold, optimistic, collaborative brand system. Ryan and the 2NDst team worked closely with our leadership to intentionally examine our objectives, as they developed a brand that demonstrated an awareness of our essence. The new brand system is nimble, modern and forward-looking while still connected to our heritage.

Timothy P. King

As a small business owner it's always scary to invest money into the "black box" that is branding & marketing. It's very difficult to draw a 1:1 line showing how much money you spend is going to pay off. Second Street is one of those rare businesses that not only handles everything exactly the way you're hoping they will, but they have the insight to know what you'll want before you do.

Sam Hurd
Sam Hurd Photography

Ryan and his team at Second Street Creative have a distinct ability to sit at a table and listen to the communication and brand challenges a company or organization is facing. Then they work collaboratively to develop branding and web solutions that are elegant, empathetic and effective. The Speakeasy has benefitted greatly from our relationship with Second Street Creative.

Julie Heath
The Speakeasy

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