Web Development Kickoff Agenda

We are thrilled to embark on this journey with you. The fact that we are able to kick things off in person will make it even more magical. Below you will find a brief outline of our session. While I’m sure we will not follow this exactly it will at least give us a framework to reference. Very much looking forward to collaborating with you!

01. Discovery / Creative Brief Review

We will be going over some questions and having discussions around this outline. 30-45 min.

02. Site Audit

A thorough examination of current site. Identify what has worked well and what has been more challenging or limiting. We could also discuss evolved brand identity here. 20-30 minutes

03. Visual Inspiration Review

During this time we will take a look at visual inspiration materials collected by Second Street Creative team. We will examine both static graphics curated via a dropmark board and also spend some time taking a look at actual sites that will be good reference material and provide insight into our project together. This step allows us to develop s shred design language. 35-45 minutes

04. Wireframing / Outline

We will begin to roughly frame out the website organization and flow as well as identifying specific user personas. 20-30 minutes

05. Next Steps

Review finding of meeting and discuss next steps. Hug it out 🙂 5-10 minutes