Web Development

Thank you for this opportunity and the time you spent connecting with Ryan to provide additional project insight. We now have an even better understanding of the objectives at hand, your priorities and what it will take to design and develop a web product for Small Victories Hospitality and its various satellite shops.

The following proposal reflects our vision to be a collaborative creative partner with Small Victories as we work to design a module-based web product that effectively engages and informs your audience. The primary site and satellite sites will be easy to administer, scalable and versatile so that all web products can be managed and maintained internally post launch.

Website Design & Development



Websites should be just as unique as the brands they’re showcasing. So we apply the same thought and care to our websites as we do our branding projects. Each website starts with a discovery meeting and then moves through the process of inspiration review, sitemap, wireframes, design and finally development. Your website is built completely custom so it’s easy for you to add, edit, delete, build, etc. as needed.

For Small Victories Hospitality, we would develop a central web presence featuring a landing page, news feed, shop, info on the farm as well as a preview for each of the shops/concepts. Each individual shop/concept would have it’s own URL and minisite that would be managed from the same backend as the central web presence. Each minisite would then feature its unique branding (customizable), basic info (location, address, description, etc), photo gallery, menu and social links. These components would all be constructed of highly customizable modules allowing for there to be a cohesiveness to the family of minisites while still showcasing of their unique personalities. It would also allow for additional shops/concepts to be added internally without having to come back to a web developer.

Some specific features of our plan for the Small Victories web system are outlined in the sidebar.



Second Street creative wants to be a collaborative creative partner with Small Victories Hospitality Group. We are passionate about the work you do and how you do it. We also recognize this has been an incredibly challenging time for most industries but especially for those in food + beverage. It is also true that as Small Victories continues to evolve and grow, it is becoming more and more critical that intentionality and care goes into the web presence for the broader group and the individual shops/concepts. This will ensure a better user experience in terms of access to relevant information and news but also a cohesiveness and quality to the websites that does the shops justice. So, we are proposing a unique pricing structure where we could break up the cost into installments and absorb some of it into store credit. See details in sidebar.

How long will it take?

While every project has unique deliverables and timelines, web projects of this scale generally take 8-12 weeks from initiation of the project to delivery/launch.

*See below to find out more about our project queue system.

Is there a waiting list?

We work in a queue system so we can dedicate the consistent energy necessary to complete your project in the best way possible. Our shop is deliberately nimble, so we only take on a select number of projects at once. This allows us to keep our foot to the pedal during the creative process, reducing redundancy and ensuring focused, personal service. We would be able to begin this project in early February.

Will I be able to edit and revise on my own?

Yes! The great part about building a fully custom website means we can tailor the sections exactly to how you’ll need them. Each site has a module builder that allows new pages to be added freely and standing pages to be edited as needed without disrupting the brand experience.

Do you write the language?

You’re ultimately responsible for sourcing final copy and photographs. If you need some help with those things let us know and we can consult or plug you in with a partner of ours! We know you have access to library of beautiful images already 🙂



Ryan and his team listened to what we needed in our initial conversation and delivered. The new site build blew our old site out of the water in terms of speed and performance. We saw load speeds drop, which resulted in more page views, lower bounce rate, and viewers staying on our site longer. This was definitely a result of the professional-looking site and improved site speed. Additionally, when we launched the new website, we had Ryan and the team build in a couple of new features for us that allowed us to sell featured ad space and 3x our revenue upon launch.

Nick Edmundson
Wandering Weddings

Ryan and his team at Second Street Creative have a distinct ability to sit at a table and listen to the communication and brand challenges a company or organization is facing. Then they work collaboratively to develop branding and web solutions that are elegant, empathetic and effective. The Speakeasy has benefitted greatly from our relationship with Second Street Creative.

Julie Heath
The Speakeasy

The new brand and website have directly led to a solid increase in leads, trials and new accounts. Since re-launching our brand and website about 6 months ago our revenue has more than doubled. We routinely get great feedback from our prospects and customers on our website which they find intuitive and easy to use.

Jeb Banner

We were looking for a firm that shared our goal of becoming the right partner to create a bold, optimistic, collaborative brand system. Ryan and the 2NDst team worked closely with our leadership to intentionally examine our objectives, as they developed a brand that demonstrated an awareness of our essence. The new brand system is nimble, modern and forward-looking while still connected to our heritage.

Timothy P. King

As a small business owner it's always scary to invest money into the "black box" that is branding & marketing. It's very difficult to draw a 1:1 line showing how much money you spend is going to pay off. Second Street is one of those rare businesses that not only handles everything exactly the way you're hoping they will, but they have the insight to know what you'll want before you do.

Sam Hurd
Sam Hurd Photography