Gamut provides videographers quality LUTs (*see below) to keep their process streamlined and efficient. Their contributors work to enhance, not bury, the natural beauty of the footage. We wanted to create a brand system that conveyed a similar feeling balancing timeless with modern, and neutral with bold creating in an identity that complimented the product, didn’t overwhelm.

We looked to their footage for inspiration on the brand development: developing a color scheme rooted in earthy, natural tones and a logo set with classic, yet unexpected typography paired with a geometric and dynamic icon.

With an arsenal of gorgeous wedding and travel footage, Second Street was delighted to (almost literally) bring it to life with full-width, moving images on the web to highlight the product.

*in its most simple form, a LUT is simply a video preset that gives you the latitude to quickly and more efficiently color grade your footage (just one of the cool things we got to learn during this project)

Tools to help filmmakers elevate their films




Their team was incredibly clear to communicate with and really responsive, which made us feel like we were a priority. Having worked with other brand and design firms before, I really felt like we got an experience that was uniquely tailored and positive. I didn’t expect Ryan and his team to care as much as they did, and getting to see their creativity and vision shine through in the details made it feel like they saw our project with the same eyes and passion that we had.

Levi Tijerina

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