Mary Wernke

Real estate and it’s associated actions (buying, selling, relocating) are historically one of the more stressful, confusing times in one’s life. When crafting the brand for expert, Mary Wernke, we strove to showcase how her team alleviates the hassle and stress typically associated with the industry. It was important for the brand to feel classic and traditional, yet current and modern. We looked to monograms and serif types to elicit her elegance and background. When paired with a vibrant take on a luxurious color scheme and crisp, clean layouts, we found the balance between experience and an eye for now.

Carrying the same feeling throughout the whole brand, we made sure to keep language conversational and straightforward. Navigation on the website is simple and clear, making it easy to find whatever information suits the audience best.

The results matched the caliber of service Wernke provides to her overall brand esthetic.

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